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Marijuana Cooking Good Medicine Made Easy

Marijuana Cooking Good Medicine Made Easy

By Bliss Cameron and Veronica Greene


In Marijuana Cooking Good Medicine Made Easy authors Bliss Cameron and Veronica Greene guide new and seasoned marijuana chefs through the process of making their own tasty and healthy home remedies using marijuana.

Cameron and Greene understand that marijuana is good medicine for both the body snd spirit. They have long been involved in providing healthy treats to individuals suffering from ailments such as arthritis, insomnia, appetite loss, and glaucoma, and orhers who rely on the soothing and therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

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Marijuana Made Simple by Mediman

A Beginner's Guide to Growing like a Pro

Marijuana Gardening 1-2-3 Easy step by step instructions that offer expert advice from a professional licensed marijuana grower.

Written for the absolute beginner, Marijuana Made Simple is the only fully ilustrated, no-nonsense guide available to take new growers through the entire cultivation process; from choosing a strain and setting up a grow room, to cloning plants and harvesting the finished buds.

With over 350 step-by-step photos, this is marijuana growing at its most simple. Hundreds of step-by-step instructions and photos for building and maintaining a successful indoor marijuana garden, including: How to choose a marijuana grow space. Installing the walls, ceilings and floors of your grow room.

Choosing and installing the right lights for your grow space. Growing your plants from seeds or clones to harvested bud. Using the right nutrients to maximize your grow. Methods for growing the maximum amount of marijuana in a limited space with only a few plants. Green Candy Press

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The Medical Cannabis Guidebook

With 18 states that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, more Americans are curious about medical cannabis: How can it help me? What illnesses does it alleviate? How do I procure it? The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana is the most exhaustive guide to medicinal cannabis produced to date, with information regarding the types of illnesses and diseases that can be helped by cannabis, real case studies from medical users, grow information, legal advice, and more. With many recipes for extracts, descriptions of administration techniques, and discussions of the therapeutic uses of cannabis throughout the ages, The Medical Cannabis Guidebook serves as a handbook for cannabis use and also allows patients to make and grow their own medicine, prepare it in the correct way for their specific illness, dose correctly, and educate themselves so they can make their own informed choices. An indispensable guide for anyone needing medical cannabis, anyone curious about its uses and even long time users looking to get the most out of their medicine, this book is the only true medicinal cannabis handbook on the market today written by two world renowned and respected cannabis experts.

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Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts by Ed Rosenthal with David Downs

Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts

by Ed Rosenthal with David Downs

Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles & Medicines

How people use marijuana is changing fast: Shatter, BHO, Kief, Vape Pens, Dabbing...Time to go BEYOND BUDS

Discover new marijuana choices — pure medicines, inhaled vapors, tinctures & topicals infused with cannabis

  • Try Dry Sift - easy to make and a delight to use.
  • Dip into Water Hash - Wash away the green, collect potent trichomes.
  • Concentrate on Butane - How the process works, examples of quality extracts.
  • Get Critical with CO2 - Complete explanation of the process and equipment.
  • Vape and Dab - Pipes and pens from simple to complex, beautiful, and technically advanced.
  • Savor Edibles - Prepare the mix and stir the pot. Portion control and recipes for food and drink.

Beyond Buds provides the information you need to make and enjoy these amazing products

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Marijuana Medical Handbook

What is marijuana's effect on the body?

What illnesses is it suitable for?

How safe is marijuana?

What are the real side effects?

How do you obtain medical marijuana?

What are the legal consequences?

Marijuana Medical Handbook answers these questions and any others that arise regarding the use of medical marijuana. It gives a comprehensive profile of marijuana's medical value, its properties, effects, risks and uses. Readers get practical information on obtaining medicine, doses and preparation, and how to grow a garden for personal use.

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Secrets of the West Coast Masters

The Secrets of the West Coast Masters


By Dru West



Throughout the mountains and valles of the US West Coast resides a secret society of master growers who are producing marijuana of unbelievable yields and potency. While most growers are content with a yield of 2 ounces per plant, these West Coast Masters consistently yield over a pound, and in some cases over 2 pounds, all while staying within the limits of their medical marijuana programs.

In the second edition of this international best selling grow book, Dru West uncovers even more secretsof the West Coast Masters. From setting up your grow room to drying, curing, extracting, and testing your medicine. Dru leaves no leaf unturned in showing you the ways of the masters. Follow these instructions and you will never go a day without an abundance of high-quality medical marijuana to satisfy your needs.


  • Design and set up your own grow room for stealth and success
  • Build your own custom equipment — clone machines, hydro systems, training rails, and SCROGs
  • Master secret growing techniques, transplanting, feeding, training, and pest control
  • Turn your plants into pound-yielding monsters by using simple math
  • Harvest your plants and turn them into highly potent medicine

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Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

Expanded and completely rewritten with information on grow rooms, greenhouses and outdoor growing, medicinal cannabis, security, lighting, fertilizers, hydroponics, Sea of Green, seeds, seedlings, vegetative growth, mother plants, cloning, flowering, harvesting and curing, diseases, pests and hash making. More than 1100 full colour photos and drawings illustrate every detail and numerous simple cultivation solutions make for easy appeal to novice growers. Readers will learn how to achieve the highest, most potent yields, even with limited space and budget.

Reviews of Marijuana Horticulture the Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

"The most trusted name in marijuana returns with the latest version of his grass growing Bible, a new testament featuring more than a thousand color photos to accompany the best step by step information available anywhere. If you want to grow weed, this is the book you need!"
High Times Magazine, USA

"This level of detail is definitely worth a lot more than the $29.95 USD price...you owe it to yourself to pick up this one-inch thick chunk of words more valuable than gold!"
Cannabis Culture magazine, Canada

"Jorge Cervantes has surpassed himself with the release of the new Bible, it is with out a doubt the best grow book on the market. It's a must for every grower be they a novice or a pro."
Weed World magazine, UK

"Cervantes knows what he is talking about, and he has the skill to put it all on paper, This is a must read."
Highlife magazine, Holland

"Fun, informative, illustrative, hands-on, and authoritative! Whether for approved medical use patients, or prohibition pragmatists, Marijuana Horticulture unravels the mini mysteries and places responsible individuals firmly on the path to self-sufficiency. "
NORML, Washington, DC

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Marihuana: Horticultura del cannabis

MarihuanaL horticultura del cannabis

La biblia del cultivador MEDICO de interior y exterior


La quinta edicion de esta biblia, un superventas desde 1983, ha sido expandida y completamente reescrita para incluir toda la informacion ueva sobre cuartos de cultivo de exterior, cannabi medicinal, seguridad, illuminacion, fertilizantes, hidroponia, mar verde, semillas, plantones, crecimiento, vegetativo, plantas, madre, clonacion, floricion, cosecha y curado, enfermedades, plagas, crianza, elaboraciaon de hachis y cualquier otro aspecto del cultivo que necesistes conocer.

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